Die Entstehung des tanzanit rings “masai blue”

Kürzlich veröffentlichte das Gemmologische Institut von Amerika (GIA) einen Artikel in dem Hausmagazin “Gems & Gemology”, Frühlingsausgabe 2017, über den Tanzanitring “Masai Blue”.

Der Artikel mit dem Namen “Exceptional Freeform Tanzanite and Oregon Sunstone Rings” (“Ausergewöhnliche Freiformen in Ringen mit Tanzanit und Oregon Sunstone”), wird von einem persönlichen Interview mit Alexander Kreis und Designer Sonja Kreis begleitet.

Auszüge aus dem Artikel:
GIA: “…a spectacular 27.20 ct freeform tanzanite complemented by a custom ring mount … [KREIS] related the importance of the story behind a jewelry piece for their clients—how details of the stone’s cut and the ring’s design represent the toil and effort of the Tanzanian miners and imbue the piece with added significance.”

Das GIA führt fort: “Even with such a top-quality piece, Alexander cautioned that success is never guaranteed. Unlike baseball—where you get three chances—with cutting, it’s “one strike and you’re out!” He added that the gem can never be its best if the cutter misjudges and makes it too flat. For this one-of-a-kind rough, classic cutting styles such as oval or cushion shapes might be counterproductive if too much weight is lost getting proportions right or if the deep blue color is lost. … He reminded us that mining in Merelani is a challenge, taking place at depths of up to 3,900 ft (1,189 meters). Miners can only work for short periods due to temperatures reaching 122°F (50°C), and they must take regular breaks in designated cooling areas.”

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